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For the last few years my weight has been affecting my ability to do my job as a pet sitter so much that it was hard for me to scoop litter boxes, get back up after looking for kitties under the bed and even leashing small dogs! My knees and back hurt and my legs were always aching. I knew that I had to do something if I wanted to give my clients the best service that they deserve!

In Just One Short Month

I found a program that allows me to eat six times a day and I never feel hungry! I have a coach to go with me every step of the way and to teach me new healthy habits! I already have more energy and can move easier because my knees and back are no longer hurting. I still have more weight to lose before I hit my goal. I would love to help you experience the same transformation!

One Month Into My Program

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My Cat Chelsea Has Gained Weigh Too!

Here are some things I am doing to try to help her:

Had the vet check her out.

Let her take me for walks on the leash.

Ordered some low calorie dry food. 

Keep the dry food up most of the day so she can’t graze all day..

Tiny amounts of wet food thoughout the day when asks for it.

Trying really hard to cut down on her treats.

Get her to chase the laser…she loves it!